Range Rules


October 2023


  1. Safety is the top priority. USE COMMON SENSE.
  2. The Crawfordsville Gun Club property is for use by Members Only. No guests are allowed.
  3. Member is defined as yourself, your spouse and your children under the age 18, living with you. You are responsible for their actions while on the property.
  4. The Crawfordsville Gun Club property is under 24 hour video surveillance. All activities are monitored and recorded.
  5. The shooting ranges are open 1/2 hour after sun rise and 1/2 hour before dark.
  6. NO ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted on Club property at any time.
  7. If asked, you are required to show your membership card, and you may request to see any individual’s membership card.
  8. The entrance gate is always to remain closed and locked. Do not leave the gate open after entering the Club grounds. The exception to this rule is if a Board Member is present to sign up new members, then gate can remain open.
  9. You are required to clean up after yourself. Put trash in the containers provided.
  10. If somebody is downrange when you arrive at a Club range, DO NOT bring your firearm(s) or equipment to the firing line; leave it all in your vehicle. It is your responsibility to notify the person downrange that you are on site and to work out an agreement with that person about how to share the range before bringing your firearm(s) or equipment to the firing line. For example, if a member at the centerfire range (100 yd. range) is downrange sighting in a scope, etc., DO NOT bring your firearm(s) or equipment to the benches. Keep your firearm(s) and equipment in your vehicle until you talk with the downrange person and work out a process to share the range. If two or more members are wanting to shoot at different distances, the member who was there first is allowed to complete their shooting and clean up before the second member may begin.


  1. Violation of these Range Rules could result in suspension or revocation of your membership. If your membership is revoked, your dues payment is forfeited.
  2. Intentional destruction of Club property, property of other members, or a neighbor’s property will result in immediate revocation of membership.
  3. If the Sheriff is called by a Club member or neighbor about a complaint of your conduct, your membership will be revoked immediately. Your membership may be automatically reinstated after Board review of the video surveillance.
  4. If suspended or revocation for violation of Range Rules, you may plead your case before the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets on the 1st Sunday each month starting at 9:00 am, unless that falls on a holiday, then the BOD meets on the 2nd Sunday that month.


  1. While on the range, all firearms not in a case or carried in a holster must have their actions open until ready to shoot. If the action will not remain open, insert a piece of brass or chamber flag in front of the bolt to show the firearm is in a safe condition.
  2. No skipping bullets off the ground. All shots must go directly into the mound / backstop.
  3. Targets
    • Glass, metal or explosive targets are not permitted at any time. No Exceptions.
    • Metal target frames are not permitted.
    • Shooting targets off the ground is not permitted.
    • The only permitted targets are paper targets, clay pigeons, and non‐metallic polymer “pass through”targets (rubber, silicone, etc.) as delineated below.
      1. Non‐metallic gong, silhouette, or spinner targets with non‐metallic frames are permitted.
      2. Non‐metallic ground bouncing / reactive targets are not permitted.
    • Targets of opportunity, e.g. rocks, shotgun hulls, water bottles, etc., are not permitted.
  4. Target Placement
    • As much as is possible, use Club provided target backers, i.e. wooden pallets in wooden bases.
    • Paper targets are to be attached to target backers no less than 18” above the ground, and no morethan 48” above the ground.
    • Clay targets are to be placed on the backstop no more than 3’ above the base of the backstop.
    • Target backers cannot be placed more than 5’ in front of the backstop.
  5. When sighting in a rifle on the Rifle Range or Rimfire Range, move up to 25 yards to adjust scope and then move back.
  6. No rapid fire, (rapid fire is defined as anything less than 2 seconds between shots) except if you are 30 feet or closer to the mound / backstop.
  7. No full automatic or burst fire. Firearms capable of full automatic fire may only be fired in semi‐ automatic mode. This includes firearms classified by the NFA as machine guns, submachine guns, machine pistols, etc.
  8. Drawing from holster is permitted only on the Handgun Range and only if you are 30 feet or closer to the mount / backstop.
  9. At the Handgun Range, no handguns with braces or butt stocks are to be fired; you need to go to the Rifle Range regardless of caliber.
  10. Shooting from one range to another is prohibited, e.g. shooting at targets in the Handgun Range from the Rimfire Range is prohibited.


  1. Crawfordsville Gun Club uses a 5‐position trap field. No more than 5 shooters are allowed on the line at a time with only one shooter per position.
  2. Ear and eye protection are strongly recommended.
  3. Gun action must be kept open at all times, except when on firing line.
  4. A gun may only be loaded at designated firing points.
  5. Load only one shell at a time except when shooting doubles.
  6. When trap shooters are in position to shoot, trap range and 100 yard rifle range are hot. No one can go down range till both ranges go cold.


  1. A CEASE FIRE can be called at any time, by anyone, for any unsafe action. The CEASE FIRE command requires all shooters to IMMEDIATELY stop firing, unload their firearm while keeping their firearm pointed in a safe direction, and make their firearm safe (action is open, magazine is removed (or empty if the magazine cannot be removed), chamber is empty, firearm is resting on bench / mat, and nobody is touching the firearm).
  2. Hot range (line) is when there are shooters on the line handling, loading and firing their firearms. Nobody is forward of the firing line.
  3. Cold range (line) is when there are shooters on the line, but their firearm is unloaded and made safe (action is open, magazine is removed (or empty if the magazine cannot be removed), chamber is empty, firearm is resting on bench / mat, and nobody is touching the firearm). There may be people forward of the firing line placing / replacing targets, picking up brass, etc. When the range is cold, nobody is allowed to touch their firearm or touch anything that might appear to be a firearm to a person downrange.
  4. When ready to shoot range shall be called HOT when finished shooting range shall be called COLD.
  5. Verbal acknowledgement of range condition (Hot or Cold) must be made by each person on the line.


  1. Rimfire Range (50 yard range)
    • Any rimfire cartridge is allowed.
    • Air guns are allowed.
  2. Handgun Range
    • All rimfire and all center fire cartridges with the exception of rifle caliber cartridges are allowed.
    • Air PISTOLS are allowed.
    • No long guns are allowed to be fired on the Handgun Range.
    • 410 shotgun shells fired from a handgun are allowed.
  3. Rifle Range (100 yard range)
    • All rifle calibers smaller than .50 BMG are allowed.
    • Rifle calibers .50 BMG or larger are not allowed.
  4. Tracer or incendiary ammunition of any caliber is not allowed.

Porque nuestras leyes y reglamentos publicados están en inglés, por favor, pídale a una persona bilingüe de confianza que lea las reglas y señales de advertencia a usted antes de usando el campo de tiro. La cosa lo más importante a nosotros es su seguridad.

The most recent version of the Crawfordsville Gun Club Range Rules can be downloaded here.